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Dolce Sicilia is a family business established in 2011 by the Federico Family.


After moving from Sicily to the Silicon Valley, we noticed there was a void for traditional Italian desserts, and that many Italian classics had morphed in name, form, and ingredients (for example, "Cantucci", a staple in Italian patisserie, had been renamed "biscotti" -which simply translates into "cookies" in Italian, and had lost some ingredients in the process)...it inspired us to start a family

company that would bring back traditional recipes from our native Sicily right to the heart of the Silicon Valley.


This is how we started in 2011 from a weekend days Farmers Market booth, then in 2014 we decided to increase our offer by purchasing a really cute red food trailer and at the end of 2018 we opened our first shop in the heart of Willow Glen, San Jose.


Our shop can be described as a small piece of Italy in the Bay Area.

Our products are high-quality homemade products, with basic ingredients imported from Italy.


At Dolce Sicilia, we are passionate about quality and believe that it all starts with prime ingredients, which are handcrafted to perfection following our family recipes to create confectionery products that will surely captivate your taste buds.




The Federico Family                        



Fancy an Italian Party?

PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION. Whether you are serving ten people or a thousand, your next event is sure to be a hit with Dolce Sicilia catering. Your guests will love it and so will your budget...
We are committed to delivering a tastier, healthier, greener, more personable catering experience, and we look forward to partnering with you to create memorable events time and time again!

Come visit us!

      Dolce Sicilia

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Tel: 408-882-3953

Email: domenicofederico@dolcesicilia.info

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