These cookies are handcrafted to order with love by Anna Federico, one of the founders of Dolce Sicilia. A pastry chef with more than 50 years of baking experience and family tradition from Sicily, Italy. Our cookies are the best you can have in Silicon Valley, and among the best in the USA and Italy.

All pictures are of the actual product.


Contents (18 pieces total)

3 x Strawberry Occhi di Bue

3 x Apricot Occhi di Bue

3 x Nutella Occhi di Bue

3 x Chicchi di Caffè

3 x Quadrettini

3 x Biscotti della Zia Nina


WARNING: some of the products contain nuts (sesame seeds, almonds, hazelnut). All cookies are processed in the same kitchen where nuts, gluten and dairy are processed.

Handcrafted Cookies - 18 cookies


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